“It started with a lamppost in a faraway land.” He paused, his chest rising and falling like a calming sea, eyes hazy. “It began with a light in a distant world of snow,” he heaved. “Yes,” I said, eager for more. “I just never want that light to go out.”

via 50 Word Stories: The Lamppost — Richard M. Ankers

WHEN AN IDEA HITS YOU: LET IT HAPPEN…until it gets dangerous




Just updating, that I’m not in the “artistic” zone, and to be more specific, I am working hard on an animation of character’s I made up in college, and had a whim a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to let it go since. But I needed to upgraded. Still working on it, but animation takes time and stuff. Mostly time.

Global Warming, Issues and Misunderstandings — The Evolutionary Mind


Global warming is definitely something that we all can agree is very mysterious. With all of the controversy behind this concept, we are left to our own thoughts on how to perceive it. On one hand we have the common view of the majority of the world, and on the other we have the facts.…

via Global Warming, Issues and Misunderstandings — The Evolutionary Mind