The Idiots called People


 This is just a draft post. I’ll get into it later. But the fact that people use graphic tablets for god knows how long, get a different one that isn’t a special expensive plug and play Waccom Intuous(over priced…just like another electronic I know of…MAC!), and the pen is wireless so no battery is needed(oh my, the agony of replacing a battery when replacing a stylus for an Intuous costs the same as the tablet I just bought, It even arrived early and was easy to install. But the pictures are for those who complain about the sensitivity. How does one use electronics with a computer they’ve had long enough to get to know a little more than just acquaintances, NOT know that the images I have up here, are the first thing someone should know about before they get wrapped up in a tablet? Even using a MOUSE, the settings are adjustable. 
“Oh man, I really had so much hope, but its so sensitive!” Well, you most likely bought it off the internet, so maybe use that same internet to look up if there’s a way to adjust the settings. Its disturbing how much we spend and own technology wise, rely on apps and software to get things done for us so we can “multi-task”, which actually makes our brains slack off(spell checker….I barely use it anymore, because of an app that doesn’t have it or a delete button. A virtual typewriter), so we’re in fact evolving backwards in time. We stress ourselves out to the point of popping pills just to not break down in hysterics or firebomb. 
Its a great tablet. Better than the Bamboo I barely used for a few years that just copped out. I could be jinxing myself right now, but I don’t care. In this moment, which we all should take just a minute to stop and breathe and appreciate how lucky and spoiled rotten we can be. 
 Oh how I can go on and on about that topic, but I’ll save that for another post.
Bottom line: if your stylus is going out of bounds, moving too ofast and ultra sensitive that it doesn’t have to even touch the tablet to mess up or click things you didn’t mean to click or delete or restart the computer. If you did that much research on the tablet and took a chance and bought it regardless of the comfort of the kind you’ve become attached to, then surely you know how to Google “my stylus for my tablet is really sensitive.” 
You don’t even have to click on a link. It just has a simple Wiki box front and center that tells you where to go into settings. You’ll never grow or learn if you don’t dig for an answer. 
That’s enough for now. Stay tuned for more reviews and maybe some art to add to my gallery. 

-Ms. Be Grateful.