The Idiots called People


I like it, but I should probably upgrade…once we get that damn check.



 This is just a draft post. I’ll get into it later. But the fact that people use graphic tablets for god knows how long, get a different one that isn’t a special expensive plug and play Waccom Intuous(over priced…just like another electronic I know of…MAC!), and the pen is wireless so no battery is needed(oh my, the agony of replacing a battery when replacing a stylus for an Intuous costs the same as the tablet I just bought, It even arrived early and was easy to install. But the pictures are for those who complain about the sensitivity. How does one use electronics with a computer they’ve had long enough to get to know a little more than just acquaintances, NOT know that the images I have up here, are the first thing someone should know about before they get wrapped up in a tablet? Even using a MOUSE, the…

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