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I just wrote this in response to a blog I read, after I had read a previous one that made me excited to find out they need more writers on their team. Catching about 15 errors and what could have been worded with more poetic enthusiasm based on what the blog was about, this was my response in regards to “tips on designing.”

Keep in mind, I am an abstract artist and aspiring writer(although I don’t like talking about my work and am still holding back on putting any of it up on a page for viewing), so I don’t think I’m better. But fresh eyes always have something to offer and only the creator to gain. That is, if they don’t take it too personally.


“I’ll most likely never talk about my art/design/writing as if I thought I was a “master”, because I’m far from the complete understanding and ease of using design programs, whereas writing and abstract expression art I’ve done my whole life. When I get my writing and art projects up and going, you’ll see. But as an honest(brutally more often than not…ok, I can be a mean MF) consumer and audience, I notice things I don’t think a lot of people do. I’m slow, which isn’t how the world is evolving. I’m way behind on the technological advancements, but I know enough to know that what I see and what I don’t see makes it at least change my own mind about what I find “amazing. Design today is very simple and minimalist, which isn’t to say that’s a bad thing. However, with websites specifically(there’s too much WORLD to go into it), is that they all look pretty much the same. The layout, the interface, and that reminds me too much of a similar design that sends my calm easy mind into a vortex of lunacy: The Macintosh. The OS has never changed and neither has their style.
Not all websites are as such, and a lot of the ones that stick out aren’t enticing as much as they are a thumping headache. Ads and too many colors that are mixed and entangled in a blinding way(some color theory would help), too many animated vectors, a cluttered mess that is so overwhelming the idea behind the website is not only lost but has scared away the audience so they can get a Xanax and a hot wash clothe to sit in the dark.
I don’t code or really know how to even just customize my own blog, but I’m slowly but surely getting there. I wish there was a lot more creative, original ideas out there, and I’m sure they are. More than enough. But its what is comfortable. What sells. We need more bold people to not only design their blogs/websites/products, but also be willing to take it further, make it interesting, really freak people out. Wake them up. Or slow them down enough to see there’s a world around them they’re missing because their phone is more pleasing.
Just my thoughts.”

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