Writing Exercise


Currently working on a story, something I decided to do after flipping through different writing exercises online, which is to write a short story or a chapter of a novel each week. One short story or one chapter. I started this story September 22nd, so on September 29th, either I have a complete short story, or I have the first chapter of a novel.
I read a lot and I take a lot from what I read. As an artists with the skill and imagination, I broke through the boundaries and did abstractions with pens, watercolor, markers, etc. but never knowing what I was creating or what the end result would be. Somehow I just know when to stop and there it is. I decided to take that approach with writing, starting with an idea, but let that passenger within take the wheel here and there, maybe trade seats and see where it goes! Its more exciting not knowing what you’re going to write, what’s going to become of what characters you create and how they evolve in the reality you create…

Matrix: Just a movie? Or are we The Sims


I watched this documentary my fiance found on Imger, a legitimate scientific hypothesis that begs to question if we are in fact the result of some simulation.There was a lot of footage from each generation of The Sims, which I found to be pretty unsettling, since that’s been my obsession since the original came out in 2000. I have The Sims 4, but haven’t played in a long time, partly because I have a family and find it the least productive of things to do with my day. Also, it got boring, especially when I know all of the cheats, and to add to the fact, The Sims 4 isn’t living up to the hype it once had. 

This article opens up a lot more questions, and a lot more possibilities, which can be dangerous to someone like me. I thought I asked too many questions already, now I know I haven’t asked enough. Am I a Sim? And if the idea is out there, if we’re asking the question and have concrete science to back it up as an iron clad possibility, then does that mean we have the control now? Or do I only know because I, the Sim, was modded to know more and intended to know that I am not a real person. Then again, what IS real?